We Make Pretty Happen

Small prop and surface rentals in Portland, Oregon!

The PRETTY prop house was founded by prop stylist Kira Corbin. We have all kinds of random, beautiful items from tabletop props to home decor to fashion accessories to surfaces.

You need dishes? We’ve got those. Forks, serving spoons, salt and pepper shakers? We’ve got you covered. Fancy French linen napkins with the perfect rumpled texture? Plenty. Cookware, baking dishes, utensils, cheese graters, disposable Chinese take out boxes? Yup, got those too. You can expect to find small statues and décor fit for a mantel, pencil sharpeners from all over the world, vases to fit any flower, ephemera in multiple languages and handwritings, candlesticks, frames, a few clocks, decorative boxes and tins, coral, shells, feathers, and a few stacks of antique books. There are sunglasses, fancy hand cream tubes, leather wallets and coin pouches, eye lash curlers, etc. We have a selection of surfaces, some rugs, and a few pieces of furniture.

Please do get in touch to come by and browse the collection. We're nice! We have a constantly growing collection- basically, we’re professional hoarders- so be sure to check in often to see what’s new!

Please note: the PRETTY does not generally rent for events, but we will consider them on a case by case basis.

More information about Kira and her work here: www.kiracorbin.com